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Please find below the items that are covered under our Home Care Policy - Reactive HomeCare

From just £25* per month, we can cover your property for those out of hours emergencies. 

Included in the service is;

- Annual checks (Gas Safety, Portable Appliance Test, Fire Test, Emergency Lighting test)

- Electrical Inspection Condition Report

- Annual boiler service

- Labour & Materials**

Please see the terms at the bottom of the page for full information and exclusions.


Most items in the home run on electric which is why we include cover for electrical emergencies with Reactive HomeCare. 
Electrical emergencies such as tripped breakers (which can result in a property being without any of the following; hot water, heating, cooking facilities, lights, appliances) and loss of power can mean that the property has nothing at all. 
This can be a worrying time however, we have electricians on hand for your peace of mind.


If you smell gas, you should call 0800 111 999 so that the leak can be sourced.

If the leak is at a certain point on the pipework, this is not always your responsibility therefore it is important that Cadent (formally National Grid) attend to find the location of this.

Once the location has been found and it is deemed to fall under your responsibility, you need to find a trustworthy gas engineer to rectify the issue as Cadent will not attempt repairs within the property. 

This is where Reactive HomeCare can benefit you as we can attend after the issue has been located. 


An escape of water can be a traumatic experience, not to mention the damage that water can cause to a property if left. 
Our engineer will be able to attend the property to isolate the leak and take appropriate action to resolve the issue with either a temporary repair (if parts are required) or complete a full repair.


Lost key? Damaged lock? Key stuck in the barrel? Snapped key?
These are all scenarios that we have heard time and time again which is why we will cover access issues within Reactive HomeCare.
If a lock change is required, then our engineer will provide the new key to the resident and also bring one back to our office ready to drop off at your letting agent/nominated location (distances may apply).


Nobody wants to come home to a boiler that isn't working leaving you without access to heating or hot water. 
Reactive HomeCare will be able to attend to identify the issue and if possible, repair this there and then. 
Sometimes, boilers can need parts that are not available out of hours so a temporary repair will be carried out (where possible) until the part can be collected the next day. 
Rest assured that Reactive Maintenance Team will do everything they can to restore the heating and/or hot water to the property as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Terms & Conditions

All immediate reactive work following a callout is covered in the event of an emergency 

(electrical/heating/hot water/gas/water/security).

All emergency call outs included.

Further remedial works not included and will be quoted for.

The boiler must be serviced annually to be included under this cover. 

Certification included annually;

  • Portable Appliance Test

  • Fire detection system

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Legionella

  • Gas Safety

  • Electrical inspection condition Report (EICR - Due every 5 years)

*Minimum payment £25 per month dependent on property size.

**Materials included up to a value of £50 per visit plus labour.